Thermal insulation materials

TEMAC® - Czech Republic

Industrial textiles
Industrial textiles made by Temac, a.s. are produced in the form of spunbonded textiles. They are used in many applications including fire safety, high temperature insulation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, protective clothing and pipe/cable insulation. It is also a material for electric insulation. Many of the fabrics produced can be supplied with an aluminium foil.

Industrial textiles-  with thickness - 2mm and 3mm, temperature up to 1100 ° C.

Ceratem industrial textile
Material description: ceramic + glass, ceramic + inconel
Design: textile fabric
Max. temperature: +650 °C, +1100 °C
Lenght: 30 m
Width: 1 m
Thickness: 2 /3 mm

Ceramic fabrics and ropes

TEMAC® - Czech Republic

Isotem static packings and laggings
Temac, a.s. also produces static packings being mostly used for sealing of oven doors, boilers, autoclaves, stoves, pipes and cable distribution.

These materials are used for low pressure sealing. For temperatures up to 500 °C glass yarn is used, up to 1100 °C we apply ceramic yarn reinforced with Inconel chrome-steel wire. For special applications, we manufacture packings and laggings from basalt yarn for temperatures up to 750 °C. These sealings are made in square, rectangular and round shapes. Other dimensions as well as material data are available upon request.

Ceramic cardboard TEMATHERM 1100C, with thickness - 3mm, 5mm and 10mm,
Temperature up to 1100 ° C and size 1000x1000mm.