Schaeffler Group Ball, roller, needle bearings
Schaeffler Group is a German engineering group and a leading global supplier to the industrial and automotive industries. The group has several product brands INA, FAG, LuK and others. The merged company is under the umbrella of Schaeffler AG. The company is synonymous with the highest quality, exceptional technology and strong innovative ability. The Schaeffler Group has made a decisive contribution to "tomorrow's development". With high accuracy of components and systems in engines, transmissions and chassis, as well as in rolling and sliding bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications. The company generated sales of about 12.1 billion euros in 2014. With more than 82,000 employees worldwide, Schaeffler is one of Europe's largest family-owned technology companies. The group has a worldwide network of production units, research and development and commercial companies in approximately 170 locations in 50 countries. The headquarters are in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
OPTIBELT Group Drive and V-belts

OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high-efficiency drive belts.
The beginning was in 1872, when Emil Arnz founded the "Höxtersche Gummifädenfabrik", relying on solid knowledge and a thirst for adventure. He and ten energetic employees produce rubber threads, the first customers being textile manufacturers in his hometown of Wuppertal. In 1948, the time after World War II, it became clear: the developed V-belt became indispensable in the transmission of power in the drives.

The OPTIBELT products are used when durability and quality are required without compromising: in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry, in the engineering sector, in household appliances or in agriculture.

The family company employs about 1,800 people worldwide. From Höxter's headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Arntz's OPTIBELT Group has eight production facilities in six countries. They are all committed to a common universal code of governance: eight seats, six countries - one quality!

Asbestos-free sealing materials:
Klingerite, gaskets, thermal insulation materials Temak is a leading Central European company for the production and distribution of industrial gaskets and seals, with applications in the energy, industries such as gas, oil, petroleum and chemical, general engineering industries.

Due to the introduction of new technologies and a number of international quality certificates, the portfolio of Temak's clients includes companies such as Slovnaft (MOL), Shell, Unipetrol Group, PKN Orlen, Gazprom and many Eriks subsidiaries (Royal Econosto Group, the Netherlands).

The In 1994, the company begin manufacturing sealing materials based on synthetic aramid fibers.
New technologies in sealing materials Temak has its own research department, where it develops, tests and manufactures a wide range of sealing solutions in collaboration with leading international suppliers of raw materials. The company operates in the long run and is certified with international certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Böhler Welding

Welding electrodes and wire
In 1870 in Vienna, Austria, the Böhler brothers founded Böhler & CO.
Today, Böhler Welding, which has merged the brands of Böhler, T-PUT, Avesta and UTP into the global Föst Alpine brand network, Böhler Welding, has been known for over 85 years as an innovative manufacturer of welding consumables together welding in all major electric arc welding processes. Böhler Welding has a leading position in the world
scale in terms of medium and high temperature welding processes, which is a constant and main focus.
Böhler Welding offers a unique worldwide complete portfolio of in-house welding consumables.
With an international network of 34 sales companies and 11 production units worldwide, Böhler Welding is close to customers and offers support for the day-to-day operational challenges of finishing technology.
Electrodes Jesenice

Welding electrodes and wire
The company Elektrode is a production division of the SIJ Group - Slovenian Steel.
Elektrode Jesenice offers welding consumables and is the largest producer of welding consumables in both Slovenia and Europe, with the development of technology and production, a tradition of more than 70 years.
Production program includes welding materials for use, semi-automatic and automatic robots for welding all types of steels and various non-ferrous metals.
The products are certified and tested according to European standards, certified with the most important international certificates such as TUV, DB, GL, BV, LR, ABS, DNV, RINA, RS and others.
to ensure a high technological standard and development of quality alloyed welding products by modernizing the company
increasing the efficiency and competitiveness by investing in the restoration of production of electrodes and further growth in welding wires
strengthening the departments for marketing and sales to end users, development of marketing network and increasing sales efficiency
ensuring constant high quality of products and services, increasing buyer satisfaction
IWIS - Germany Drive chains

The driving force of high quality solutions - the passion to move the world forward
Where man and machine, precision and perfection, experience and motivation go hand in hand, dynamics are born: IWIS's mission is to ensure reliable, safe and clean transmission of engine power.

IWIS industrial chains: precision in its most perfect form for your machines
Industrial chains are a comprehensive selection of high quality standard products, as well as a large number of special chains that are specially designed to meet individual customer requirements. All drive chains adhere to IWIS 'self-imposed high corporate standards for technical excellence, superior quality and customer satisfaction.

Roller chains with special devices.
ESBELT - Spain Flat belts and conveyor belts

Esbelt was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1970.
Esbelt has a significant international presence, exporting 70% of its
production in more than 85 countries.
Its competitiveness is based on three main elements:
low value for money, very flexible organization, and the most
short delivery times in the sector.
Thanks to its consistent sales policy, Esbelt has gained extensive experience and know-how by working with independent distributors and having here are teams that are able to provide 24-hour service.
Esbelt produces a wide range of extrusion tapes made of PVC,
polyurethane and polyolefin arranged transversely to the lifting straps for
products either longitudinally as a limiter or for guidance.
Dichta designs, manufactures and distributes shaft seals and other sealing products with the highest quality standards, using modern production techniques and approved quality systems.

BECO is an Italian manufacturer with 20 years of experience in specialized bearings and bearing units for extreme temperatures. Their high-temperature bearings and bearing assemblies are designed to provide increased reliability, educated complexity and reduced environmental impact at operating temperatures above 350 ° C (660 ° F).
Woven brake belts are designed for all types of brakes and drum connectors in the most responsible applications. They are characterized by a high and stable coefficient of friction, which changes slightly under the influence of temperature. They guarantee the highest safety requirements, because thanks to their design they do not are destroyed suddenly in the worst case. These tapes are built on the basis of high-strength, heat-resistant yarns, characterized by a high coefficient of friction. A special, patented weave ensures that even under the most difficult working conditions, the tape does not stratify and, despite breaking even single threads, does not break. Special oil-synthetic impregnation provides stable stopping conditions at a wide range of temperatures.
IMA Abrasives
Founded in 1975, IMA Abrasivi is a leading company in the production of cutting and grinding discs. Member of OSA
(Abrasive Safety Organization) since 2007, IMA has a large market share in Italy and internationally with its brands IMA, GOLD and IMACH3.