General terms of delivery

General conditions for execution and delivery of an order

By placing an order, the customer unconditionally agrees to all the following conditions:
1. General provisions
1.1. These conditions apply to any order placed by Silex-03 Ltd. Our deliveries, services and offers are made on the basis of the conditions set out below. They are also valid for all our forthcoming trade relations, even if they are not explicitly agreed once again. Other conditions are binding on us only when confirmed in writing by us.
1.2. At the latest upon acceptance of the goods or services by the buyer, these conditions are considered accepted. Thus, a waiver of these terms by the buyer due to a mismatch with his terms and conditions is invalid.
1.3. Our offers are not binding. The preliminary calculation of prices is not binding.
1.4. The calculations are made on the basis of prices valid at the time of delivery, which were known to the parties. The price does not include value added tax (VAT).
2. Quote and delivery
2.1 Our offers, unless otherwise stated, are non-binding. Contracts become binding only after our written confirmation of the order or through our delivery, in which case the invoice replaces the confirmation of the order. Our oral and written technical consultations are non-binding
2.2. The delivery terms specified in advance in the offer or in the subsequent order are non-binding and are not fixed, but indicative, unless they are explicitly regulated by signing a separate contract. The agreed delivery times are calculated from the moment the goods leave the production plant or shipment. They do not start before the fulfillment of the existing joint commitments by the client or the execution of the agreed payment.
2.3. Force majeure and other events beyond our competence that may call into question the smooth execution of the order, especially delayed delivery by our supplier, interruptions in production or transport, labor strikes, shortage of materials and energy, government measures institutions such as import restrictions and export, give us the right to extend the delivery time or, as the listed events seriously jeopardize the execution of the order or make it impossible, gives us the right to cancel part or all of the order without owing a penalty to the customer.
2.4. Partial deliveries and the corresponding payments are allowed only in established amounts and after written confirmation by us.
3. Expedition
3.1. The shipment is carried out at the expense and responsibility of the client from a place determined by us to an address specified by the client. Regardless of the fact that the delivery can be organized by Silex-03 Ltd, Silex-03 Ltd does not owe the amount for the delivery to the forwarder, as only the buyer is in contractual relations with the above.
3.2. We are not responsible for the cheapest delivery.
3.3. Transport insurance is concluded only on instructions and on behalf of the client.
4. Objections and return
4.1. Objections to incomplete and incorrect delivery or return of obvious defects must be made in writing immediately, no later than 15 days after receipt of the goods. The date of receipt of the objection to us is valid. Along with the objection, stickers on the boxes, content labels and checklists must be sent to the respective delivery. Other defects are reported in writing immediately upon detection.
4.2. Warranty claims are excluded for untimely notification of objections or complaints.
4.3. For specially designed parts and custom-made materials for the customer's special needs, we exclude any liability for replacement or return of the ordered materials, as they cannot be reused. The customer is fully responsible for his choice of material and for the correctness of the provided initial technical information for his order, as well as for the installation of the purchased goods.
5. Warranty
5.1. We guarantee the explicitly properties and perfection of our materials and products, in accordance with the state of the art. Changes in the construction or execution, which we have undertaken before the delivery of the order in general for the goods, do not give the right to raise an objection.
5.2. Warranty period
5.2.1. The warranty period for our products is as agreed in the offer accepted by the customer, but is limited in the following cases:
a) in case of flange gaskets - warranty liability is borne only for the materials, but not for their installation.
5.3. The warranty period begins
a) for all products with sending goods to our customer, ie now that the product has left our office, and in other cases - after installation when it is explicitly stated in tender accepted.
c) in any case, however, no later than 6 months after the shipment of the goods to our customers.
5.4. Type of guarantee
(a) the warranty concerns the replacement of the advertised product that has been sold. Replaced items remain our property.
b) the advertised item is sent for examination to the Manufacturer's Plant of the respective product group. The costs for the cheapest transport there and back are at our expense in cases where the claim is accepted. In other cases, item 3 applies.
5.5. The obligation to perform the warranty is waived if the delivered item is changed by a third party through the installation of parts of foreign origin, unless the damage is not causally related to the change. It is also omitted in cases where the instructions for installation and operation of the product are not followed.
5.6. The warranty excludes natural wear and tear due to improper use. We are not primarily responsible for changes in the condition or operation of our product due to improper storage, as well as due to climatic or other impacts. The warranty does not cover defects based on design errors or incorrect selection by the customer of unsuitable material, as well as when the customer, despite our prior instructions, has changed the design or material.
6. Preservation of property rights
6.1. We retain ownership of the delivered goods until the full payment of all purchased goods by the customer, described in an issued tax invoice.
6.2. In case of actions by the buyer, such as delay in payment, we have the right to exercise our right of ownership and demand the immediate delivery of the goods, to proceed directly or through authorized persons to the immediate possession of the goods. If we exercise this right, then - notwithstanding other binding laws - the order is terminated when we explicitly announce it.
6.3. The client does not have the right to dispose of items for which we have retained the right of ownership or co-ownership, or on receivables transferred to us. The client is obliged to notify us immediately of the attachment or other violations of the rights to objects / receivables that belong to us in whole or in part.
7. Payments
7.1. Invoicing is usually done in Bulgarian levs. The value in Bulgarian levs is also valid in the cases when amounts in foreign currency are indicated next to it. Payment will be made in BGN at the BNB exchange rate on the day of payment.
8. Final provisions
8.1. Each of the parties (supplier / customer) is obliged to notify the other party in case of change of address for correspondence or other registration, within five days after the occurrence.
8.2. The provisions of the civil legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the issues not settled by the present conditions.
Last edition: 01.10.2020