Brake bands


Gambit brake bands are designed for all types of drum brakes and clutches in the most adverse operating conditions. They are characterized by a high and stable coefficient of friction, which is slightly different under the influence of temperature. Ensures and guarantees compliance with the highest safety requirements, because, due to their design, they are not susceptible to damage even in the worst case.

Sheeted friction linings  - GAMBIT LUBAWKA - POLAND

The asbestos-free brake lining produced by GAMBIT is made in molds in accordance with the customer's order or pressed into sheets that are cut into a mold. The ingredients used, the mixing technology are subject to strict control in order to ensure a homogeneous material with a high coefficient of friction in a wide temperature range, with uniformly low wear and high precision work, including low wear of the interacting surfaces, as well as ensuring quiet and a stable working environment. Due to the significant content of ingredients with good thermal conductivity, the brake pads provide effective braking in places with a high intensity of the braking cycle. The aramid fibers used in the brake brake ensure elasticity and resistance to cracking.

The sheet brake lining is intended for use in drums and conical brakes in other machines where high braking force is required, at high temperature during operation and when high reliability of the friction material and low wear of the drum track is required. It is also recommended for use in equipment with high braking intensity. in devices with a significant percentage reduction in speed.

Order of brake belts:
You can make a request for woven brake belts, according to the application, width and thickness, according to the attached file.