Belts and pulleys

SILEX-03 Ltd., offers the products of:

- Optibelt - The group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high-efficiency drive belts. Optibelt products are used when durability and quality are required without compromising: in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry, in the agricultural and household appliances industry.

- Esbelt - Spain offers flat belts and conveyor belts. Flat belts are made of elastomer, leather, and technical fabrics and conveyor belts. These straps are structured like a sandwich. The inner part is made of perfectly joined polyamide sheets, and for different materials for the two roof layers.

Conveyor belts - PVC, polyurethane, polyester, polylfin and silicone which can be from 1 to 6 layers covering various applications. To help our customers, the entire production is divided into 11 series or product families - classified by type of application and by transported product.
1. Trapezoidal belts (V-belts)
- RED POWER 3 are developed exclusively for mechanical engineering - compressors, pumps, presses, fans and more.

- BLUE POWER belts are mainly used when the highest levels of power transmission are required. Mainly applied in heavily loaded conditions:
critical drives in mechanical engineering
special machines
agricultural machinery
- Optibelt SK V-belts in SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC profiles are specially developed for all industrial applications from lightly loaded gears such as pumps to heavy-duty mills and even stone crusher drives.
- Optibelt VB classic V-belts are mainly used as spare parts for industrial drives. Optibelt VB handles difficult drives in the horticultural sector and in agricultural machinery.
- Optibelt KB kraftbands are characterized by the following:
• High level of even power transmission
• Favorable work behavior, especially in terms of vibration
• Excellent flexibility
• High central distances with small roller diameters
• V-shaped drives
• Vertical drives
• Drives for transport devices
- Optibelt SUPER X-POWER M = S are recommended for:
mechanical engineering
woodworking machines
high performance saws
special machines
lathes and drilling machines
grinding machines

- Optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M = S is used in applications that require maximum load, capacity in the most demanding conditions, such as:
Use on deflecting rollers
Extremely small roller diameters
High speeds
High and low ambient temperatures
The V-belt optibelt SUPER XE-POWER PRO M = S means an increase in capacity by 20% compared to
Extended temperature resistance from - 40 ° C to +120 ° C
Optibelt SUPER TX M = S: the advantages of belts can be best seen when working with:
• extremely small roller diameters
• high rotational speeds
• extremely high power requirements
• higher ambient temperatures
In these cases, the use of wrapped V-belts is uneconomical and
it's not recommended.
- Optibelt VARIO POWER VARIABLE SPEED BELTS - The main compound consists of polychloroprene rubber with traverse fibers. These belts feature:
• High power transmission
• Excellent flexibility in the direction of travel
• high stability when moving
• Extremely smooth movement
• wear and slip resistance
- Optibelt DK double-sided V-belts - are extremely flexible and have low tensile properties. Thus, the belt is particularly suitable for bending in different directions in the same plane.
Optibelt DK are used when several rollers are arranged in one plane and the direction of one or more of the driven rollers must be changed without crossing the belts.
2. Optibelt - Polyurethane drive belts

- Optibelt ALPHA - This group of timing belts is made of polyurethane and can have a steel or aramid reinforcement floss. The steel-reinforced versions are not suitable for working in a wet environment for a long period of time. For example, the aramid thread version is suitable for the needs of the food industry.
- Optibelt ALPHA D (double) - these belts have a double-sided toothed design and allow the belt to drive several rollers simultaneously. The teeth of the belt are placed differently on both sides and their positions are offset (asymmetrical) from each other, otherwise the cross section of the belt weakens.
- Optibelt ALPHA flex - The optibelt ALPHA FLEX toothed belt is manufactured to the customer's specification as an endless belt without any interruptions in the tensioned reinforcement. This means that two spirally wound tension cords are used. These cords can be made of steel, highly flexible steel or stainless steel to suit a wide range of applications. In the case of belts with a length of at least 1500 mm, the tooth side of the optibelt ALPHA FLEX can be covered with polyamide fabric (PAZ).
- Optibelt ALPHA linear - Optibelt ALPHA LINEAR open-end timing belts are made of extruded thermoplastic polyurethane with stretched cables parallel to the edges. The belts are stable in size and their precise positioning makes them ideal for use in linear drive systems.
- Optibelt ALPHA linear-F - these are flat endless belts with extruded polyurethane with steel tension cords parallel to the edges of the belt. Advantages ● High voltage levels can be transferred ● Fabric cover on the key side is possible ● Manufactured as tensioning belts ● For devices without synchronous drive transmission. The best solution for lifting and moving heavy objects, elevators.
- Optibelt CP Clamping Plates - The clamps are used to mechanically fasten the free end of the belt for many linear applications. The clamping plates must have corresponding tooth profiles to the belts to ensure that the same tightening force is applied. For standard applications at least 7 belt teeth at the end of the belt and must be included

3. Optibelt - Rubber timing drive belts
- Optibelt ZR
- Optibelt ZR D - the belt is serrated on the top and bottom
- optibelt OMEGA HL - specially designed for shock loads
- optibelt OMEGA FAN POWER - to drive the fans in the oil industry.
- optibelt OMEGA HP - designed for high power drives and constant loads.
- optibelt OmEGA - is most suitable for drives in all speed ranges without heavy impact load.
- Optibelt HTD
- Optibelt HTD D - the belt is serrated on the top and bottom
- Optibelt STD
- Optibelt STD D - the belt is serrated on the top and bottom
- Optibelt ZR linear - with open edges
- Optibelt HTD linear - with open edges
- Optibelt OMEGA linear and OMEGA HP linear
4. Optibelt flat timing belts

4.1 Optibelt ribbed belts - Track belts
- optibelt RB - combines high flexibility of the flat belt with the high power transmission capacity of traditional V-belts.
Used for:
• Small roller diameters
• Possible large speed ratios
• Insensitive to torque pulses and short-term overload
- elastic optibelt ERB - advantages and characteristics:
• Assembly is possible on fixed centers without the need for belt tension adjustment
• Good damping characteristics and impact resistance due to the high elasticity of the belt
• No maintenance required and no re-tightening required
• Easy installation in service areas
• Allows individual design of tensile and elongation characteristics
4.2 - optibelt KK Polyurethane Plastic Composite V-belts: these belts have an open end and are produced per linear meter.
4.3 Optibelt RR / RR PLUS belts with round cross-section - with open end and are produced per linear meter.
4.4 Optimat OE - V-belt with open end and is produced per linear meter.
4.5 Optimat DK - double V-belt with open end and is produced per linear meter.
4.6 Optimat FK - conveyor belt with open end and is produced per linear meter.
4.7 Optimat PKR - V-belts with special upper faces (variously ribbed)
4.8 Optibelt LB - prefabricated belts (on ties)
4.9 Optimax HF - flat belts with different widths: Type 075 - h = 0.5mm; Type 150 - h = 1.0mm
4.10 Optibelt WR - wide wedge (60º) V-belt